G2C: Show and Tell

Last meeting, Tuesday, 14 June 2016, was another exciting moment because we got to know each other even better. Esme projected our blogs on the screen so that everybody could see and be inspired by each other. Based on the tasks given before the meeting, we need to be prepared with our blogs and should upload our works that we had done which are the post about the last workshop, storyboard, promotion as well as the self introduction video.

I was so happy because Esme was quite impressed with my works. But of course, still far from perfect and need much improvement. During the meeting, I was able to present my storyboard which I did two days before the meeting. I saw that other’s work was also inspiring, especially, the video. To be informed, I am not good at presenting and with Guide To Campus team, I learned much better from them.

After the meeting, a few of us stayed and have some conversations and it was so great to have new friends and exchange ideas as well as experiences. Guide To Campus is the escape from my stressful coursework time. But anyhow, I learned from both, my course as well as G2C.

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